Welks Mice

"Songs In C"

Get ready for Welks Mice! Buffalo, New York’s premier vibraphone and vocal pop duo whose poignant lyrics and stark lo-fi arrangements are as charming as they are jarringly askew. Vocalist and songwriter, Max Weiss, croons in a modest tenor delivering loaded lyrics on topics ranging all the way from Won-Ton potstickers in the lighthearted “Won Ton Song”, to social anxiety in pretty much every other number. Meanwhile, Andre Welks provides athletically rhythmic accompaniment on the bells like a hard-hitting adult music box, sometimes aided by booming synth bass and found sound effects. The result is a totally fresh take on bedroom pop that will engage the active listener.

Since forming in 2015, Welks Mice has shared the stage with staple songwriters of the DIY scene such as Jeffrey Lewis and Calvin Johnson, wowing audiences in Buffalo, Canada, and New England alike with a sincere approach to performing that prompted one reviewer to dub the pair “true soldiers of love and good vibrations.” Recordings of the band, however, have been in short supply, other than an extremely limited run of one-of-a-kind cassingles that were each recorded individually and sold on tour, in the tradition of iconoclastic artists like Daniel Johnston. Fall of 2018 will... more


released October 12, 2018

Recorded direct to tape by Andre Welks on

Damian's Tascam 424 MKII Portastudio in

Andre's bedroom 807 Niagara Street, Buffalo NY 14213

Thank you Damian Webber!

Mixed and Mastered to 2" tape by Will Chason

at Hyde Street Studios 425 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Max Weiss: Lyrics, music, lead vocals, synth

Andre Welks: Vibraphone, backing vocals